“An effective CV is one that provides enough information to get the interest of your potential employer but doesn’t read like a book.”


Your curriculum vitae is your salesperson. You may have the most amazing personality and have the right experience and skills to do the job… but if your Resume doesn’t portray this in a professional and clear way, the chance is you won’t get the opportunity in person, to show how perfect you are for the role.
What is included?

  • One on one
  • An electronic file copy of your CV in MS Word format saved to a CD
  • Master copy in hard copy format
  • Final copy completed in presentation folder
  • FREE letterhead design
  • FREE interview tips
  • FREE job application support – entitles you to basic support via telephone and email, with job application processes and job search advice.

N.B. More comprehensive Interview Coaching is available as outlined below.


A proof copy of your Curriculum Vitae’s will be completed within 4 working days and final copies finished on confirmation of proof. If after the first 10 applications made, you do not gain an interview, your CV will be re-done at no extra cost.


An effective cover letter will not only create a good first impression but will let the employer know that you have researched their company and that you see employment with them as more than ‘just another job’.

What is included?

  • An electronic copy of your application letter is supplied on CD
  • Final copy (in hard copy) in professional layout


Application letters will be completed within two working days of receipt of advert and appropriate information.


With interviews, often people let themselves down by being ill prepared. This results often in the right person being overlooked. We will assist you with research strategies, how to prepare personally and tips on what to expect in the interview. You will be provided with some practical tools to assist in having you at your best for the interview.

What is included?

  • Preparing for the interview
  • Self analysis guideline
  • Briefing on interviewer expectations
  • Checklist and tips on what to do and not to do
  • FREE ongoing telephone support as required for the position applying for